From the desk of Todd Bentley

Afghanistan crisis response letter

My heart breaks and I, like many around the world, are shocked and praying for Afghanistan.

In the last few days as I’ve been watching and praying and absolutely shocked at the lack of leadership that we showed and the disregard for our own country’s troops, I know that God is challenging me to respond and to be a vessel of compassion.

What can I (we) do at this moment to help desperate Afghan refugees in need? This has become a true humanitarian crisis as many thousands that flee from Afghanistan to Pakistan are showing up with absolutely nothing, if they were even able to get over the very few borders that are currently open.

I know many of our partners know my love for the Muslim world and that I’ve spent several trips ministering in Pakistan and have seen hundreds of thousands of Muslims come to faith in Christ. We must hear the cries of our Christian Afghan brothers and sisters as many are escaping the Taliban rule and fear. I’m asking my friends and social media friends to join with me, my wife Jessa and our partners of revival Harvest ministries to jump in and respond now.

The ministries on the ground working in Afghanistan and receiving refugees in Pakistan have said to me that the situation is absolutely desperate but for just $40 we can feed a family of 4 for 3 to 4 weeks as they settle. Can you join us in our effort to help up to 50 families to start?

Our mission on the ground told us that they will have updates, videos and pictures as well as information about how your prayers and your gifts are making a difference in their lives and many of these Muslim families are going to hear the gospel because they’re going to know that it was the church in America that responded to their great need and gave.

I have set up through our ministry website, secure and online, a way for any giving designated to the #Afghancrisis and we can receive immediately through other platforms as well. Can we be moved to contribute for those in great need?

  Please designate  for #AFGHANCRISIS

Our goal with the Lord”s grace is to provide 500 food packages to 500 Refugees (families) in Baluchistan and Peshawar.

Support 500 refugees’ families with food packages to meet their urgent needs.

Food Package for a family of 4  ($40)

We are partnering with Gawahi Mission Trust – GMT in Pakistan!

Giving to our Mission in America at

  Please designate any gift  for #AFGHANCRISIS

Todd Bentley 😎🙏👊