Dunamis power

School of presence & power

February 24 - 25, 2023

Todd has learned much about the Person of the Holy Spirit and the anointing, both from the Scriptures and personal experience. Knowing the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and ministering in the anointing for  25 years, Todd has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that he wants to impart to you through this school.

Sessions 1-2
These sessions’ focus will be on the theology of the Holy Spirit. We will touch on the Person and work the Holy Spirit, Godhead mysteries, communion in the Trinity, and much more.

Sessions 3-4
These sessions are devoted to intimacy and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. They will be focused on maintaining our oil of personal Holy Spirit intimacy.

Session 5-6
These sessions will revisit Todd’s classic teachings on the anointing of the Holy Spirit, like what is the anointing, and how to steward and flow in the anointing. He will go in-depth about what he's learned about the anointing in Job 29.

Session 7
This session will focus on fresh oil, and lead you to become a son (daughter) of fresh oil (Zechariah 4).

Session 8
This session will emphasize the baptism of Holy Spirit and fire, with specific focus on impartation and commissioning into becoming an Acts 1:8 Harvester!