A Message of hope

Watch as Evangelist Todd Bentley shares an important message of hope, recovery and restoration.

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Watch this series to understand some of the foundations of the Christian faith.

 Part 1: Salvation

The God answer to our need

A simple teaching on our need and God's answer for salvation.

Part 2: Water Baptism

Our need and benefit of Water Baptism

In this foundations video, we discuss our need for water baptism and being raised in the resurrected life of Christ.

Part 3: Baptism of fire

The command of Jesus to WAIT for the Holy Spirit

In this video, we'll speaks about our need to wait for the Holy Spirit.

Part 4: Washing of the Word

 Jesus loves us so much He washes us

In this video, we talk about the importance to read and study the Word of God. There is power in His Word.


You have BEEN washed and cleansed in His blood

In this video, we speaks about the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.

Part 6: Our walk

Our walk in the Spirit

This short video explains that we need to walk in God's Spirit by getting the Word of God in us and allowing the Holy Spirit to work within and through us.