Kingdom Alliances are key in this hour to spread the fire of revival and awakening! I believe God is knitting together in the Spirit tribes of like minded ministries that understand there is a greater wine in the cluster.

An alliance is defined as a written agreement between two or more parties in order to forge a bond, and/or work together to serve both sides interests. Both parties share mutual assistance and protection in a close association for a common goal.

The move of God that's beginning to break forth on the earth now will only continue to gain momentum with true revival teams of both apostolic and prophecy mantles needed for building the kingdom. There will be a new synergy of ministries that value the need to come together collectively for regional and national awakenings. I see a new unity of revival minded individuals joining forces to fan the flames of Glory Awakening. There are many nets that work (Networks) and new alliances being formed to share in the responsibility of sustaining a unstoppable move of Glory!

The church needs mighty men like David who are attracted to the person/presence of Christ and committed to the cause of Kingdom.

To be considered for membership please fill out the form below. There is a one time $25 application fee. Kingdom Alliance does not have a monthly fee or demand any association fees however, we encourage a culture of honor and freely giving as you freely receive.

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