Our new 4 day School of Revival!

I am very excited for this September as the Lord revealed to me it is a fresh season of awakening, new beginnings, and birthing. After seeking the Lord about travel, I believe the Holy Spirit had us put some ministry engagements on hold for six months to pray, prepare, seek the Lord anew, experience inner healing and family revival. I also believe that something will SHIFT this fall.
God is gathering the messengers of power!

So this September is RHM's return to full-time mission crusades internationally and RHA outreach in America.

We will also kick off this new season of fresh awakening in Rochester, New York. Rochester hosted Evangelist Charles Finney at the height of the second Great Awakening, and in six months, the entire city was nearly converted. Through Charles Finney, revival spread like fire throughout the East Coast, resulting in great harvest and awakening.

This new school will be my first school focused primarily on revival ministry, crusades, harvest, kingdom invasion, personal revival, and taking cities for God. Of course, the school will also emphasize power evangelism, miracles, healing, and impartation.

I believe this new school is a great commission for many that are soon to be launched into a new season of harvest and awakening!

Will you join me for this school as we call harvesters, revivalists, missionaries, church planters, evangelists, and any individual with a 'YES God' in their heart. We are living in the days where we need men and women burning for Jesus and transformation, which we can only see through preaching the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Todd Bentley